Do mice usually go upstairs?

If you see mice droppings in your kitchen countertops, you assume that these mice are just roaming around your kitchen, under the pipeline, under the furniture, or just in the lower ground of your house. Meanwhile, you might be wondering if mice can go upstairs and start building its nest on your bedroom, especially if you are living in a two-story apartment.

Well, mice are excellent climbers. In fact, they can climb 13 inches up smooth and can jump as high as afoot. Therefore, mice can go upstairs, with or without using the stairs. They can roam around the house discreetly because of this ability.

Mice are nocturnal creatures, meaning they are most active during the night. Therefore, they will usually roam around the house when people are not around so that they can do their thing such as gnawing on furniture, scratching, and most of the time, they squeak to communicate.

Mice will stay in one place if they found something alluring than staying away. So, if you see mice in your bedroom, maybe there’s something in your room that makes it hospitable for them, such as fallen chips from last night’s snacks, piles of papers, and messy bedroom.

Mice will find a place to nest if it’s near to any food/water source; therefore, checking your bedroom and eliminating those stuff will help in getting rid of them.

What Can You Do If You Mice In Your Bedroom

If you find a mouse in your bedroom, the first thing you should do is to plot on how to catch it. You need to do everything as possible to get rid of that tiny, single mouse before it turns into an infestation. It is because two mice can quickly reproduce into dozens of mice. If this simple problem is left neglected; therefore, you need to think of a plan on how to prevent mice from coming not just into your bedroom but to your home to protect yourself and your family.

Follow these steps to eliminate the mouse immediately.

Check for any gaps and holes and then seal them

Thanks to their flexible ribs and angled collarbones, mice can sneak into your room without needing much space. If you can still remember in my previous post, mice can enter your house as small as a 0.6cm gap.

Check each door and window to look for any gaps and holes, and make sure that they are not wide enough for the mouse to enter.

Keep Your Room Clean At All Times

The reason why mice venture into your bedroom is that they find something alluring. Usually, mice avoid people, which is why they start being active during the night to avoid people. If they happen to nest in your room, it means that your room is hospitable for them. Maybe, there’s a food source for them or piles of papers where they can scratch and gnaw into pieces to build their nest.

In short, make your room inhospitable to mice by keeping it clean at all times. You may also place some scents that mice hate to repel them from going into your room.

  • Peppermint Oil: Peppermint oil has always been the first choice of recommendation when it comes to deterring mice. It is because of its strong, pungent odor, which is very irritating to mice. All you need to do is dip some cotton balls in peppermint oil and then place them in areas where mice will usually pass by. Others use lemongrass or castor oil if peppermint oil is not available.
  • Mothballs: These are bundles of fabric that are soaked in Naphthalene, which is why sometimes they referred mothballs as Naphthalene balls. Mothballs are found as very efficient in repelling mice. Just place them in mice-prone areas, together with the cotton balls soaked in peppermint oil for maximum efficacy.
  • Ammonia: Ammonia has been believed that it is one of the scents that can deter mice. It may be due to the unpleasant smell that it gives off in the air; however, you should be cautious when using ammonia in a very high concentration since it causes undesirable side effects.

            Here is a quick guide on how to make ammonia solution to prevent mice:

  1. Mix two spoonful of detergent in a quarter cup of water.
  2. Stir thoroughly until mixed and then add two cups of ammonia.
  3. Place the ammonia solution in a place where mice usually stop.

Mice cannot stand the strong smell of ammonia, and eventually will keep these mice away from your room. However, please take note that it also gives an unpleasant smell to your room.

  • Pepper: Not only used as spices in dishes, it turned out as it can also be used to deter mice. The pungent odor that it gives off is undoubtedly useful in repelling mice. To make this work, sprinkle a little pepper around the holes or gaps where they live.

Destroy Any Mouse Nests In Your Bedroom

Before you touch their nest or droppings, make sure to wear protective gloves. In this way, you can avoid coming in contact with their waste that can cause infection and diseases. By doing this, it can lessen the odds that they will return since their nest is gone.

Catch Remaining Mice Through Traps

Seeing a single mouse means there’s a lot more. If you want to get rid of mice in your bedroom completely, you may set up traps around the room. As from the previous blog posts, there are different mouse traps:

  • Live-catch Humane mouse traps
  • Poison mouse traps
  • Mice repellants

Can Mice Live Under The Carpet

Mice cannot live under the carpet since there is not enough space and air underneath. Instead, they often rip or chew carpet near on walls or corners to get into your house. Moreover, mice use carpets to create their breeding place, so if you spot that some parts of your carpet have been ripped off, make sure to patch it right away as this serves as their entry point to your room.


Mice are flexible organisms; therefore, it is no doubt that they can climb off a vertical wall, or they can sneak even to the tiniest gaps you have ever seen. It is no wonder that they can roam around the house quickly, even up to the uppermost level of your house.

However, remember that mice will just find the perfect place to nest if they find it alluring to them, such as access to food and water source or piles of papers that can be easily chewed down to make a nest. The best possible solution to keep them away is to make your house inhospitable for them. You may also try setting up some traps to catch them or call a mice exterminator if mice infestations get worst.

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